Doing my english homework

jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2007

My english it's not very good, but i try to do my best effort. So, my english teacher ask me to do the following activities:

1. Write about a website you enjoy visiting (120 words minimum)Say:How you found this site.How often you visit it.And explain why you like it.Add a link to the webpage.

I like to see a website about cooking recipes calling because it's a good place to learn to cook, there are many recipes of all kind of food, like typical international food, vegan foods, desserts and everything that you want.
I knew this website when I was looking for a suspiro limeño's recipe and I was surprised when i saw more than 100 recipes!!!
I love that page, i't always helps me. I visit it when I want to cook something different.
Here is the link