Love can damage your healt!

lunes, 8 de octubre de 2007

It has been the topic both of romantic novels and of very successful movies and the doctors have suspected it for a long time and today, a study with 9.000 Britishers, it established that it is possible to DIE FOR LOVE!!!.

The research, published in File of Internal Medicine, revealed that the stress and the anxiety that the hostile relations generate can increase the risk of developing a cardiac disease.

The possibilities of suffering a heart attack or pain in the chest were increasing 34 %, opposite to those of the persons who has a good relation with her husband or his wife.

" The cardiac condition of a person seems to be influenced by the intimate negative relationships ", the authors wrote. The experts analyzed persons who completed questionnaires on the negative aspects of his relationships. The team realized a follow-up of more than 12 years and found that the persons who were reporting to suffer critiques and another type of conflicts were in the habit of having some more 34 % of risk of suffering heart attacks or chest pain.

Well, how you can see, love is potentially dangerous, so you must be careful. But it doesn't mean that you must be frightened of the love, on the opposite, you must enjoy it! maybe in this way you may save yourself from a coronary disease.